Online Worship

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Epiphany of Our Lord

This week, we will be celebrating the Feast of Epiphany. The feast of Epiphany (“manifestation”) concludes the Christmas season with a celebration of God’s glory revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. In Isaiah and Ephesians, that glory is proclaimed for all nations and people. Like the light of the star that guided the magi to Jesus, the light of Christ reveals who we are: children of God who are claimed and washed in the waters of baptism. We are sent out to be beacons of the light of Christ, sharing the good news of God’s love to all people.

Our Worship will begin on the patio as we share the traditional “Blessing of the Church.” We begin by chalking the entrance, then move indoors to bless the font, the pulpit and altar. We will also bless the “Welcome the Babe” Kits! Come and celebrate God’s light shining brightly at First.

The worship will also be uploaded for those who wish to enjoy it at a later time. 

If you wish to worship from home, you may find the worship at our First Lutheran, San Diego YouTube Channel. You can find the bulletin below.


First Lutheran Church - Worship Service