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Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

Today we hear James warn against selfish ambition, while the disciples quarrel over which one of them is the greatest. Jesus tells them the way to be great is to serve. Then, to make it concrete, he puts in front of them a flesh-and-blood child. We are called to welcome the children God puts in front of us, to make room for them in daily interaction, and to give them a place of honor in the assembly.

If you wish to worship from home, you may find the worship at our First Lutheran, San Diego YouTube Channel. You can find the bulletin below.


COVID-19 WORSHIP UPDATE: Worship Again Outdoors

Due to the continuing spread of the Delta Covid variant, we will continue to conduct worship outdoors each Sunday on the patio. We will return to the sanctuary as conditions allow. 

For the time being we are planning to be putting up and taking down the shade cloth each week. Please contact Hannah in the office if you would be willing to come to church early, on occasion, to assist. 


Online Faith Development

Wednesday Evening Prayer 7:00 – 7:20 p.m.

Reflections on Faith 7:21 – 8:00 p.m.

Join us each Wednesday on Zoom for the traditional refrains and sung scripture of Evening Prayer followed by a time of Reflections on Faith.

Called to Community:The Role of the Church

A six-week series featuring lessons from Walter Brueggemann // Hannah Terry // Richard Rohr // NT Wright // Malcolm Guite// Rachel Held Evans and Brian Zahnd

In the midst of these radical shifts in our society and within Christianity itself, it is clearly time to revisit the question “What is the role of the Church?”

What is the Church’s role in the lives of individuals and families who no longer turn to it as the center of their social and family structure? What is the Church’s role in a world that increasingly sees it as irrelevant or even antithetical to human progress? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who continue to return to it as a source of strength, inspiration, solace and connection with God? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who have never walked through one of our doors and those who have sworn they never will again?

Our generation’s answer to these questions will have a reverberating impact on the course of human history. Will the Church “die”? What about resurrection? Is there a clear line between the two or are they both happening simultaneously before our eyes?

This is a fascinating time to be alive. Let us give God thanks for the Church that was, the Church that is, and the Church that is becoming.

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