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First Lutheran Church of San Diego welcomes you to receive Communion regardless of denominational affiliation or church membership. All our communion tables are open, in the sanctuary and on our patio, on Mondays and Fridays where hundreds come to receive their daily bread. Restrooms are available as you leave the sanctuary to the right. There is a nursery for little ones throughout the morning (see an usher for directions).


First Lutheran Church - Worship Service

Please remember to fill out your Estimate of Giving Form, which you’ll find online. Here is the link if you need it again


Upcoming Events

Pastor Kurt will be away with this family July 8-17 to travel to New England for a family wedding, see old friends and visit some of the region’s great art museums.

On Sunday July 11, Pastor Jim Friedrich will lead us in Worship.

On Thursday, July 15, Mary Ann Horton will represent First Lutheran at the, once again live, “Light Up the Cathedral Worship.” On July 18, Pride Sunday, Pr. Daryl Kozak will preach.

If you have a pastoral emergency, please call the church office, and Hannah will find you help.


Adjusted Safe Reopening Guidelines: 

We are thankful to the County and State Health Departments and our Governor for fully opening houses of worship.

First, we ask that anyone with any symptoms consistent with COVID worship online rather than in person. You may find the worship at our First Lutheran, San Diego YouTube Channel. You can find the bulletin here.

We ask that unvaccinated people wear a mask when inside, removed briefly during communion, and that they refrain from singing and chanting.

While those who are vaccinated pose less of a threat of transmission, with the rise of the Delta COVID-19 variant we are encouraging all persons to return to wearing masks throughout the service.

We are singing and chanting.

During communion, the pastor and communion assistants will wear masks and use hand sanitizer.

Communion is a low-touch experience. The pastor dips an individual serving of bread in the communal wine cup using tongs then places it on a piece of wax paper. It is then handed to the communicant by an assisting minister. Trash receptacles are available.

For offering, we will not pass the offering plate, but it will be available for offerings as we exit. Additionally, a link is provided for online donations.

Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to adjust as conditions warrant.


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