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First Lutheran Church of San Diego welcomes you to receive Communion regardless of denominational affiliation or church membership. All our communion tables are open, in the sanctuary and on our patio, on Mondays and Fridays where hundreds come to receive their daily bread. Restrooms are available as you leave the sanctuary to the right. There is a nursery for little ones throughout the morning (see an usher for directions).


First Lutheran Church - Worship Service

First Lutheran celebrates your presence with us on this Fifth Sunday in Lent. If you are looking for a church home, we would love for you to join our church family.

Friends in Christ, Grace to you and Peace. 

This Sunday’s Gospel story (John 11) is that of Lazarus, the one Jesus raised from the dead. Jesus and Lazarus were dear friends. Lazarus dies and Jesus comes and calls him forth from his tomb. It is a dramatic story filled with friendship, family ties, divine power, and—as is often the case around Jesus—confusion, mystery, and an abiding invitation to focus not on how the world sees, but on God’s glory.  

I want to extend the same invitation. Because in these days of hard news, painful realities, rising anxiety, confusion, and broken relationships, there is also Good News, God’s glory and divine power calling forth that which is dead back to life. I want you to join me, Colleen, and Analiese in our home for worship this Sunday at 9:00 am. Not in person, of course, but live streamed on Facebook. I want you to have the opportunity to hear the poetry of God, to hear the fresh pastures of promise,” and to enjoy the calming blessedness of God’s Word of peace for you.  

The way to do this is to go to the First Lutheran Church San Diego Facebook site, and I am assured you can do this without having to have a Facebook account (read about this on a document posted down below). The worship bulletin is below, or you can download it on the same webpage. You don’t need it to join us, but you might wish to read along with the prayer responses, Psalm, and liturgy. If you can’t come at 9:00, you can watch it later. No worries.  

If you wish a more traditional experience, I am happy to point you to some other churches with great preachers, more staff, and who have been broadcasting worship for years. I don’t think you can go wrong by attending virtual worship at any other their sites: Central Lutheran, Minneapolis; Mt. Olivet, Minneapolis; The National Cathedral; First United Methodist, San Diego; or St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego. Of course, there are any number of churches you can attend online.  

We will also, once again, live stream our Wednesday night Evening Prayer service at 6:30 pm, April 1—no fooling. The only major change is that it will be right side up!  

May you be filled with Gods presence and peace this day,  

Pastor Kurt 


Your Ministry Matters 

I’ve just returned from Church and our TACO ministry. Several things were obvious this morning. The first was that the numbers have increased. I know I’m new here, but we’ve always had enough to serve seconds. Today there were no seconds. There wasn’t even enough initially for everyone to be served firsts. We are blessed with Chef Cindy, who quickly and marvelously found a way to feed the multitude. In no time, more food was pouring from the kitchen. She and the dedicated volunteer staff know how to make miracles. Your ministry matters. 

The second thing I witnessed this morning is a palpable rise in anxiety. Our guests were still full of gratitude, but it is clear that the streets are becoming meaner for them. Some of the hardship they face is real meanness aimed at them, but most is unseen. Not every aid agency is staying open. Not all the places that make their lives a little better are available to them. They are also scared of this unseen disease. And it’s likely to get worse. But TACO is open. First is still a presence. Your ministry matters. 

We are living in tense days and anxious times. We cannot meet in person for worship or gather for fellowship. Because of this, we have seen our offerings stumble. I am not surprised by this. It is natural because our pattern is to bring our offering to worship. Without worship and the regular reminder of the offering plate, it is easy to slip. I am sure that we also have members and friends of the church who are at risk to lose their jobs, or have already. The Market itself is shaky. I understand. These are the realities in our home as well. But these are also times when TACO must grow, First must grow. The Word of God is more precious and needed than ever. Your ministry matters. 

I am so grateful for those of you who have mailed in your offering envelopes: Thank you. And for those who have found their way to Vanco and set up an account and given your offering Online: Thank you. I have never served a church that gets so much ministry out of every given dollar. First is a tight ship. This is a way to say “your offering counts. Every dollar counts.” Your ministry matters. I’m asking you to remember to make your offering, as you are able, even when you may not be physically present on site. 

Because of you, First Church is the Heart of Christ in the Heart of the City. 

If you wish to donate online, you may go here. If you would like help setting up online giving, contact Hannah:, or 619-977-2646. 

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